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Ace your placement

Placement isn't easy! But here is a run-down of how to get the most out of your clinical placement


You may have heard all sorts before you start placement, perhaps a student from the year above has kindly filled you in on a few 'experiences' or maybe your lecturers have told you some horror stories from the good old days. 

It would be wrong to pretend that everything has been and will be hunky dory for past and present students. Going into placement as a 1st year is well.. similar to the first day at high school. You come in all excited or perhaps very nervous, with a great big rucksack, often seen wandering the corridors looking very lost. You're eager to please and be of help and so, your hands are at the ready to offer one of your shiny new pens or race to check the time on your new fob watch and open as many doors as you can to be helpful 🙂. I won't dwell on this too much, but you get the picture...

But it's okay! We've all been there, including your Practice Supervisors and Assessors. We were all that first year once and I can tell you it does get better!

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